Kids & Tablets – Why My Kids Are Now Banned

I’m currently the enemy in my house right now. I’ve banned the children from going on the iPad, the laptop, their tablets. Pretty much all electronics are on lockdown. I can see it’s slowly driving my children insane. I’ve banned them with good reason though. Here’s why.

This weekend, I noticed money was going out of my account. Several charges amounting to $130 from Apple iTunes store. Luckily, I managed to get the money back. I don’t use an iPhone or my old iPad so I kinda knew it was my children. Surely enough, it was my eight-year-old daughter who had gone into my purse and taken my debit card, hooked to her Grandma’s iTunes account and downloaded a bunch of apps and games. I later found out that she’d spent money from ger Grandma’s account. Oh, it gets worse… Later on, a package from Amazon arrived. Stumbling through the door with my grocery bags and toddler in my arm, I told my kids to go put the package in a bedroom. I didn’t think much of it. The next day my Mum had told me that there were several charges on her Amazon account and that the kids had ordered Air Pods (The knock-off brand), hair products and a couple of other items. I couldn’t believe it and I didn’t know how to handle it at first. My child had spent around $300 this weekend!!! INSANE!!! She’d gone on her own little shopping spree. I was in utter shock because she’s never done anything like this in her life. She’s my quiet child. The one who never causes any trouble.

Although I was upset with her and although I’ve set her some punishments up for the rest of summer until she learns her lesson, I do have to take some responsibility. At the end of the day, she did that because I wasn’t monitoring what she was doing on the internet. There have been incidents in the past where she made Instagram accounts and YouTube accounts. I understand some parents would be okay with this, but I’m not. An eight-year-old has no business being on social media. When I told Izzy to hand her tablet over and log me into her Instagram, I noticed some old pervert liking and commenting on her pictures. I turned white. I then clicked onto his profile and noticed he was following nothing but young girls. Vile! I reported him and spread the word on him but again, could have been avoided had I monitored what she was doing on the internet. Those accounts got deleted right away and she since hasn’t been on them.

I do limit the time my children are allowed on the internet each day and I am quite strict with it, but that’s not enough. I feel like this could have been avoided had I kept a closer eye on what they were doing on the internet instead of letting them sneak off into another room for an hour. Sometimes it’s easier for us parents. It gives us a moment of peace. Nobody is making any noise. No headache for Mum and Dad. But as we all know, silence is not necessarily a good thing with children. It usually means they are causing trouble. Kids are smarter than we give them credit for sometimes. They know how to do these things. My kid even went to the extent of emailing customer service at Amazon and asking them for a refund and to cancel an item because she had ordered the wrong product. I never expected her to do that. But that’s it, we trust our children too much. Children will get away with whatever they can!

I know times have changed and kids at that age have access to the internet. They have access to tablets and phones. I’m sure if I had access to those at eight years old, I’d have been doing much worse. I remember when I got my first phone, my parents trusted me enough to let me have a contract instead of pay as you go. That was a huge mistake because I racked up the biggest bills. I was in so much trouble. But they really shouldn’t have trusted me at the age of 13.

I’m definitely with those people who say kids shouldn’t be on a tablet. It’s one of those things I’ve always given into because I felt bad but slowly taken action on over the last few months. All kids do it, times have changed and there are actually some good educational apps out there, but deep down it was annoying me that they were on it so much. I’ve been getting irritated with my kids all Summer because when their hour with the iPad is up, they get withdrawals and come begging for me to let them go back on it. It’s been super annoying.

I do think we should all be keeping a closer eye on what our kids do on the internet. For their safety and also to keep them from spending all our money haha. They also say that you should limit their tablet time to one hour a day. I mean come on, they should be playing outside and READING BOOKS! Not face down in electronics all the time. iPads, phones, etc are just becoming the modern-day babysitter. Allowing your child to sit on the internet all the time not only numbs their brain but it can cause speech delay in younger children. It can also expose them to too much radiation. On top of that, a lot of parents allow their children to sit and play on the iPads at bedtime which is terrible for their eyes and can result in less sleep! That’s one thing I have been adamant about. iPad at bedtime just isn’t going to float in my house. My bedtime rules are something else. It blows my mind how parents let their kids stay up super late. It’s so bad for their health. We can get into that at a later date haha.

So yes, now my kids are completely banned from going near the iPad and it will stay that way until the end of Summer. If I do decide to let them go back on it after Summer, there will be some major restrictions. My kids don’t like me today haha!

If you read this, what do you think about kids playing on tablets? I get such mixed opinions on this one. Do you have kids? Do you limit their time on their tablets? Do you have parental controls on them?

Thank you for reading.


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